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  • Platinum #3776 Gathered

    In the history of fountain pen manufacturing, this is a very first and unique design.    The original version of ‘Gathered’ was designed by Platinum Pen together with a Japanese writer

  • History and Manufacturing of Bamboo Craft

    History of Bamboo CraftThe history of bamboo craft is old and has been closely involved in the lives of Japanese people. The craft techniques, which gradually enhanced its value, have been passed down

  • How to use the Platinum Ink Cleaning Kit

    1) Remove the used Ink cartridge2) Fix dropper to inside nib area where the ink cartridge normally goes. Use clean water in a cup to clean the nib by squeezing water in and out of the dropper while af

  • Briar

    Briar is a deciduous shrub from the heath tree family known as Erica arborea of Mediterranean coastal origin. Clumps of the burl from the shrub that are between 25-100 years old (mainly for making pip

  • Platinum Mixable Ink

    The Platinum Mixable Ink is a unique special formulated ink that gives you the freedom to create your own color of ink, without any adverse effects to the fountain pen.Color inks of other brands canno

  • Yakusugi (屋久杉)

    Yakusugi (屋久杉) refers to Japanese cedar tree which grows wild on the island of Yakushima more than 500 meters above sea level.In Japan, “Yakusugi” trees tend to have long lives, and many larger trees

  • Color Recipe of KUMPOO

    The limited ver. of Platinum “KUMPOO” is highly welcomed by the market, we deeply regret to all pen fans who cannot get one! Thanks to all customers who like this unique fountain pen !Here is a recipe

  • Italian Rubinato Product Demo Day Presentation in Apollo BookStore

    Italian Rubinato Product Demo Day Presentation on July 23 2018 - Apollo Bookstore Rosy Samantha, calligraphy artist, was invited to demonstrate the best result of using Rubinato’s glass pen along with

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