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Worther Baden-Baden has appointed Circleplus as the official agent to distribute their products.

Founded in 1985 by Gerhard Wörther, Wörther Baden-Baden was renowned on design and quality of their products. The exclusive design of Shorty series, made of superior plastic, with a hexagon shaped barrel available in both ballpoint and clutch pencil format, is a combination of modern design and traditional writing tools.

Every writing instrument of Worther is manufactured in house. Some of the parts are even made entirely by hand.

WÖRTHER was one of the first suppliers of writing instruments made of aluminum. The advantages of using aluminum is to make the pen not too light and not too heavy, easy to look after and immediately takes up the temperature of the hand.  Other producers of writing instruments followed this trend right away.

Being a qualified engineer and a specialist in mechanical engineering, Gerhard Wörther has developed and built some of the machines for production. This innovation has given WÖRTHER a technical advantage to produce unique products.

For details on a specific Worther pen, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

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